June 4, 2009
When I photographed Lei Lei and Steven's engagement session, I knew I would love their wedding. They are high school sweethearts and were friends even before that.  Not only is Lei Lei an official M.D. now (YAY!!), she is also very crafty.  Most of the details you'll see here are her creation. One photo not pictured is her laptop cover.  Stunning!  She needs to open her own Etsy store, but I'm not sure when she'll find the time with her seeing patients and all.

I also adore both Lei Lei and Steven's family.  They are so sweet and made my job so easy.

So sit back, get a glass of iced tea or lemonade and enjoy these photos.  After the wedding, I also photographed these adorable lovebirds in a "trash the dress" session, but I'll have to save those photos for another post.  I just have too many photos I want to share!

I'm soooo sad that I'm not going to see Lei Lei and Steven for a while.  :(  They are now living in New York.  Thank goodness for facebook!  Lei Lei and Steve, you are simply wonderful and I will miss you!!

As you can see, Lei Lei and Steven were exhausted after a very successful wedding and reception.

By the way, these vendors were so easy to work with!

Day-of Wedding Planner: Charlene Liang
DJ or Band: Toast and Jam
Catering: WildFire Restaurant
Florist: GnG Designs
Hair and/or make-up: Gow-Lee
Videographer: Jeff Manimbo

I'm going to post a slideshow with more photos on the trash the dress post.
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Charlene - Sweetchic Events says:

Oh my gosh, their pictures are SOO stunning, and you can really see how much FUN everyone was having! Who says daytime weddings are no fun?!

(06.04.09 @ 11:24 AM)
Steve says:

Gorgeous shots, Laurie! You really captured all the love and emotion that was present!

(06.04.09 @ 12:16 PM)
kelli w. says:

beautiful wedding and great photography!

(06.04.09 @ 01:51 PM)
Crystal says:

Wow! This looked like such a fun wedding! You did a fabulous job Laurie!

(06.04.09 @ 11:15 PM)
dayna says:

omg laurie, you did such a great job. thought i wish there was more pictures of me :) just kidding
anyway when i get married i definetly want you to be my photographer! :)

(06.04.09 @ 11:42 PM)
Stephanie says:

Laurie, once again you are amazing - what an eye! And after meeting you I can see why, you have the heart to go with it. They couldn't have found a more perfect photographer.

(06.05.09 @ 09:02 AM)
karen says:

Ok ok..you know I am in love already, but I must have those red shoes! Where are they from?! Love 'em.

(06.06.09 @ 11:05 AM)
Lei Lei says:

I believe I purchased them from Nordstrom's! Pretty comfy too! (well not after 6 hours, but for awhile anyway)

(06.07.09 @ 11:51 PM)
Laura says:

Wow, so many great images....this looked like a fun wedding, Fabulous!!

(06.10.09 @ 11:31 PM)
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Their aim may be off, but their love is true. :)

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Lei Lei says:

LOL this is SO going up on the wall at home with the quote!

(06.02.09 @ 06:58 PM)
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