I love referrals, especially when I get the awesome opportunity of hanging out with families more than once.  The groom, Jason, is James' brother. And Sam is just as sweet as James' new wife, Annie. 

Sam and Jason are high school sweethearts and bonded over Star Trek episodes (isn't that completely cute?).  During the brother of the bride's toast, the brother high-fived Jason for being a fellow Trekkie. 

One of my favorite photo sequences is when we were doing formal portraits in front of Buckingham Fountain and a shift of wind sprayed water over all of us.

Now if you can tell me, via a comment, which song the crowd was dancing to in the last photo, I'll give you a prize.

Enjoy!  Also, don't forget to click the slideshow at the end to see more photos.  In the meantime, here are some of my faves.

Click here for slideshow.


DJ or Band: Roberto Monastero

Catering: Swissotel

Florist: Hello Darling

Hair and/or make-up: Beauty on Call

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Jenny K says:

Get Low?

(07.30.09 @ 10:07 PM)
Kelley says:

Don't stop Believing?

(07.31.09 @ 06:52 AM)
Annie says:

Laurie! You are just amazing!! My new brother and sister in law's wedding came out beyond gorgeous!! It was great to see you again, and thanks for everything again!!!

(07.31.09 @ 08:05 AM)
Raymond says:

k... I think its Black eyed Peas - Lets get it started or House of Pain - Jump Around. Pretty drunk, can't remember much. but I remember the last song that was played for sure.

(08.06.09 @ 10:54 AM)
Mariscelle says:

In the last photo, the crowd was dancing to "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. I would've also guessed "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey, but someone said that already.

(08.13.09 @ 10:38 AM)
Laurie Peacock says:

*Ding Ding* You guessed it! "Living on a Prayer"...the wedding song that gets all the white boys dancing. :) Your prize is a $50 gift certificate for my photography services/prints. Congrats!

(08.13.09 @ 10:45 AM)
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It's my first week as a full-time photographer, and I'm loving every second of it. The problem is that I have soooo much to do. :) That's a good thing, though. lauriepeacock-samjason-100.jpg

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Steve says:

Such a cute moment!

(07.28.09 @ 09:58 PM)
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I met Sarah, through one of my other brides, Kara, when I told Kara I was looking for a vet. Sarah, aka Dr. Kanagy, is fabulous and my dogs adore her.  (By the way, Sarah, Winston and Murphy are coming in to see you this Friday for vaccinations.)

I love my job and the opportunity to meet fantastic people! 

Another thing I love is when I'm able to capture photos like these.

Sarah and Fred, I can't wait to photograph your wedding.

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Razvan says:

Great session! It looks like you had fun. I like the shots from the park the most, especially the one with them between the rows of trees.

(07.21.09 @ 11:12 PM)
brandy says:

If Sarah looks this good for her engagement photos, i can only imagine how stunning she'll be as a bride!

(07.22.09 @ 05:56 PM)
Mom G says:

These are great photos. I love the various poses in various places. What a great looking couple!

(07.22.09 @ 08:27 PM)
Kelly says:

Fabulous Laurie! Both of her outfits suited the locations perfectly but I'm in love with that pink summer dress.

(07.25.09 @ 02:18 PM)
Jenny says:

I love these! Can't wait to have some our our own. Love the branches, stairs and moments that you caught!

(07.26.09 @ 03:53 PM)
Bethany Murphy says:

Very nice! I am loving these images :) So glad I found your blog!

(07.27.09 @ 03:06 AM)
Mom K says:

Where are the wedding Pictures?

(11.18.09 @ 05:03 PM)
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