Kristin and Tim met me the day after Tim proposed to Kristin. Kristin's dad had surprised the couple with tickets to a bridal show and they won the free engagement session with me through a raffle. I think I was the lucky one to get to work with such an easy-going couple willing to brave the cold.

It was such a pleasure working with you, Kristin and Tim. Congrats!!

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(03.10.10 @ 10:36 PM)
Laura Neuckranz says:

love these!!!!!!!

(03.10.10 @ 11:08 PM)
Justin says:

Awesome series - your images are really warming to the eye, in such a cold background! Love your natural poses, fun images, and use of lighting!

(03.10.10 @ 11:50 PM)
Patricia Marie says:

Beautiful light in the 3rd and 4th image. What a cute couple!

(03.11.10 @ 12:04 AM)
David McNeil says:

Normally I get jealous when I see shots from photographers living in California, but this set shows we can use our Northern weather and light and still come out with awesome shoots! Sadly I've never been to Chicago, but shots like (2) and (4) really take me there. well done!

(03.11.10 @ 01:50 AM)
Wedding photographer in cheshire says:

Lovely photos. Well lit and well done for braving the cold!

(03.11.10 @ 06:05 AM)
Matt Stanton says:

Greast use of light throughout the set, I love the city scape in the background to!

(03.11.10 @ 06:10 AM)
Jamie M Swanson says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the second shot. Great composition, great expressions, everything! Just love it!

(03.11.10 @ 07:41 AM)
Kristin says:

I love how they turned out! You have such a good eye, Laurie. Thank you for such a great session. I cannot wait to see the rest :)

(03.11.10 @ 10:00 AM)
Vida Carson says:

AH! They're so so cute. I love the city and everything :)

(03.11.10 @ 04:46 PM)
Amanda Basteen says:

Very cute!! Great use of lighting! :)

(03.11.10 @ 07:15 PM)
Kelly says:

Laurie, you always do such a great job of incorporating Chicago into your shoots. Beautiful!

(03.11.10 @ 08:03 PM)
Steve Koo says:

Lovely stuff, Laurie!

(03.11.10 @ 09:31 PM)
Phill says:

What a lovely, loving, love-full set of images Laurie. I especially like the second shot in with the cityscape as a backdrop!

(03.12.10 @ 07:09 AM)
Heather Kanillopoolos | Mid-Michigan Photographer says:

Wow! I love your lighiting technique in these!! I had to keep going back to the first, second, and fourth photographs, they are my favorite- phenominal!!

(03.12.10 @ 07:29 PM)
Timothy E Kaldas says:

Very cool night shots Laurie. I love the towering urban landscape in the background.

(03.14.10 @ 01:35 PM)
Becca Dilley says:

Super cute, and the off camera lighting is so natural and lovely. Nice!

(03.14.10 @ 05:10 PM)
Leon says:

Love how you really put them into the landscape/cityscape - good work!

(03.21.10 @ 04:17 PM)
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It's tax season and I'm deep in receipts, but I couldn't resist posting one photo from Kristin and Tim's engagement session.  Gotta keep my loyal blog readers happy!  As a side note, I'm going to be out of the office Thursday through Sunday and probably won't have access to my e-mail and phone. For this week's e-mails, I'm working hard to respond to you as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience!

glamorous Chicago engagement session at Lake Michigan

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Tasha Schalk says:

Absolutely beautiful. The clouds are just right and wonderfully moody.

(03.04.10 @ 09:58 AM)
Amy says:

The colors in that photo are absolutely beautiful.

(03.04.10 @ 11:04 AM)
Steve Koo says:

Loooove the mood here, Laurie! So serene, with just the smallest amount of wind!

(03.04.10 @ 11:19 AM)
dianna says:

why do I think Brad Pitt every time I look at this photo?

(03.06.10 @ 03:47 PM)
Laura Neuckranz says:

I love the angle of this one

(03.10.10 @ 11:12 PM)
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A little glam to start off your week.

elegant wedding photography

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Angie says:

Amazing!! Absouletly Beautiful!

(03.01.10 @ 09:43 AM)
Steve Koo says:

I like it! Love how the chandelier is lit up above her!

(03.01.10 @ 05:16 PM)
Edric Morales says:

Oh this is a great shot! It is so well balanced.

(03.13.10 @ 06:04 AM)
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