I met Tara and Aaron through the adorable couple Angela and Edgar. Tara was one of Angela's bridesmaids and Angela was able to return the favor during this intimate wedding at the Cultural Center.

I love how Tara and Aaron's guests knew how to bring the party on during the wedding ceremony and Tara's reaction to their surprise. The entire day felt like a celebration of fabulous people.

Before I go onto Tara and Aaron's photos, here's a photo of Angela and Edgar.  They make me happy.  :)

Now onto the happily wedded couple...congrats!

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Tara says:

These are so awesome Laurie! I LOVE the pic of the rings on my arm--it was definately worth the work ;) I also love the photo with the mustaches. You captured the relaxed mood of the day so well. I can't wait to see all the photos!

(03.31.10 @ 08:00 AM)
Amber Hughes says:

LOVE the shot of the rings on her arm... super awesome! Great moments captured throughout :)

(03.31.10 @ 12:12 PM)
Tabitha McCausland says:

Love the ring shot!!!

(03.31.10 @ 12:38 PM)
Lynette J says:

Nice work Laurie...agreed about the ring shot!! I don't think I've seen anything like it for a ring shot before (which is amazing!). I am really liking that wide angle shot of them leaving though...you really captured a great scene. :)

(03.31.10 @ 01:50 PM)
Jamie M Swanson says:

Ring shot = gorgeous! Love it!

(03.31.10 @ 02:12 PM)
Nick Phelps says:

Great job capturing this day, I can't wait to see the finished product! The personality and intimacy really shine through. Mustaches!!!

(03.31.10 @ 02:27 PM)
Kim Mendoza says:

I absolutely love the ring shot on the bride's tattoo! What perfect way to incorporate her own personal artistic expression into her wedding day. Very cute set.

(03.31.10 @ 03:19 PM)
AARON says:

diggin the black and white shots, vintage style and splendid lighting

(03.31.10 @ 04:12 PM)
Vida Carson says:

I *LOVE* the ring shot on her tattoo.. so freaking creative.

(03.31.10 @ 07:15 PM)
Jessica Horton says:

Love how you captured their personalities!

(03.31.10 @ 09:31 PM)
Natalie Gibbs says:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the ring shot. And it looks like it was quite the party!

(03.31.10 @ 09:45 PM)
sarah kealing says:

YES!!!! Love the ring shot. Waiting for a tattooed bride so I can be creative like you. :)

(03.31.10 @ 10:58 PM)
Shari says:

Coolest ring shot ever! I really like how you tell the story of their day here.. Really and truly beautiful!

(04.01.10 @ 06:26 AM)
Wes Brown Photography says:

That ring shot is phenomenal! Such a beautiful (and fun) wedding.

(04.01.10 @ 07:30 AM)
Emily Porter says:

Awesome ring shot!! This looks like a really fun, laid back couple.

(04.01.10 @ 09:34 AM)
Chavvon Smith says:

great job shooting this wedding! All around great job!

(04.01.10 @ 03:45 PM)
Kyle says:

Fake mustaches at weddings are the BEST.

Also, way to think of something original for the ring shot. That's not easy to do.

(04.02.10 @ 01:09 AM)
seth goodman says:

Very nice! I really like the photo where he is kissing her shoulder. The light is so yummy!

(04.02.10 @ 03:05 PM)
Nathan Hydes says:

Great pictures! Your photagrapher did an awesome job! And you guys look so good!

(04.05.10 @ 10:31 AM)
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A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Houston, Texas, to visit my college girlfriends. (It was a very busy weekend, so sorry to those who I couldn't visit while down there.) My girlfriend's cat, Lars, stole all of our hearts.

Lars, the ladies' man

For those of you who think cats are "eh." this post may bore you to tears, but Lars is more dog than cat and more human than dog.

Lars' original name was Diamond due to his black marking on his schnoz, but boy, does he LOVE to eat. His appetite is the size of Texas. (da da dah bum...thank you, I'll be here all night.) Therefore my girlfriend's husband decided Lardball was a better fit. Not wishing "Lardball" on any of her enemies, especially this lil' romeo, my friend shortened it to a more sophisticated and fitting "Lars."

Thankfully, the cat doesn't seem to have any identity issues and is still as charming as ever. At night, he would come to each friend's bed for a quickie of, er, petting and then skedaddle to the next friend's bed for another session. Such a player!!

Lars wanting a treat
Lars licking his lips

Lars the Lardball

cat kneading his claws

Lars close-up

Lars, I already miss you.
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Katie [kage imagery] says:

SO CUTE! I love him! :)

(03.19.10 @ 04:52 PM)
Kelly says:

Ok, that's it. I want a cat.

(03.20.10 @ 10:18 AM)
Jamie M Swanson says:

I find this post to be stinking hilarious! LOVE it! Especially the one of Lars licking his lips...what a tease!

(04.07.10 @ 01:12 PM)
Nicole Thomas says:

Oh my goodness! So cute and expressive

(01.18.11 @ 10:58 AM)
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Tara + Aaron

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Tara says:

This is such a cute pic! We had such a blast shooting with you and your husband on Saturday Laurie! We can't wait to see more!

(03.17.10 @ 01:41 PM)
Heather says:

i have a love hate relationship with your sneak peeks laurie! i love what you choose to share, its always an exceptional image, but then i want to see more!!!!

(03.17.10 @ 03:24 PM)
Angie says:

Love it. LOL! I agree with Heather. I feel like oooo more more!! Like a kid in a candy store.

(03.17.10 @ 04:21 PM)
Steve Koo says:

Cultural Center, I think? I love the composition!

(03.17.10 @ 11:54 PM)
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