Megan and I underestimated the cold Chicago wind on a spring day, but I have to say it didn't damper how gorgeous Megan is!

By the way, I will be out of the office until May 5 with limited internet access.  *Sniff, how will I survive without my iphone wifi games?* I will return all calls and e-mails upon my return.

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Heather says:

these portraits are flawless!

(04.26.10 @ 06:28 PM)
Mark Parker says:

Wow!! Beautiful light in the eyes!! Fantastic!

(04.29.10 @ 09:24 AM)
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"They are sooo nice! I love this couple!"

If I received a piece of wedding cake for each time I heard people describe Linda and Steve this way, I would weigh 200 gazillion pounds. I'm not exaggerating.

After photographing this wedding, I agree. I LOVE THIS COUPLE!


They have that complete ease of couples secure in their love for each other with a bunch of passion thrown into the mix.

Grown men do cry, especially when one of them is marrying his love of life.

Laughter, silliness, and balloons are the perfect ingredients to any wedding reception.

Linda and Steve's guests and family were as friendly and kind as the newlyweds.

Okay, enough about my love for them, I should allow the photos to speak for themselves.  I'm sure you'll fall in love with Linda and Steve too.

Click here for a slideshow of these photos and more.  Thanks to Maggie Rife, my second photographer, for her great photography.  Can you guess which photos are hers?

Royal Fox Country Club
Oak Mill Bakery (Des Plaines)
Flowers by Christine
The Crystal Bride
The Colour Line (hair)(Geneva)
Angelo Castellucci (DJ)
Congregational United Church of Christ

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Luis Godinez says:

Amazing Bride & Groom. I love your detail shots of the cake :)

(04.21.10 @ 01:51 PM)
Shang says:

Those balloons look SOOO fun! I

(04.21.10 @ 02:02 PM)
Laurie Peacock says:

Thanks! Maggie Rife did the wedding cake detail shots. :)

(04.21.10 @ 02:07 PM)
Csanad says:

You were right, they ARE a lovely couple. You captured this fun wedding beautifully! last but one shot: HILARIOUS!

(04.21.10 @ 02:09 PM)
Joshua Brooker says:

I got a bit teary eyed watching this! Lol I guess i'm yet another emotional man. I hope to capture pictures like this at my weddings.

(04.21.10 @ 02:15 PM)
Eric Yerke says:

Hi Laurie. I like a lot of these images quite a lot. Looks like everybody was extremely happy

(04.21.10 @ 02:30 PM)
Danielle Daigle says:

These are great!! You captured all the energy of the day. I feel like I was there. Beautiful work!

(04.21.10 @ 07:23 PM)
Ben Tomlin says:

Wow - they look like such a fun couple and so happy too! - and you've captured their wedding beautifully and all at the right moments too.

(04.21.10 @ 08:54 PM)
Kat Braman says:

that second to last one is so sweet! fantastic work!

(04.21.10 @ 10:03 PM)
Caroline Anne says:

awesome. I love all the emotions you have captured.

(04.22.10 @ 12:34 AM)
Ben Godkin says:

Beautiful wedding, fun reception. I have never seen balloons at a wedding! Awesome!

(04.22.10 @ 01:04 AM)
Lyn Ismael-Bennett says:

I'm loving the PJ style. The details are awesome too!

(04.22.10 @ 01:22 AM)
matt shumate says:

What a sweet set of photos. Lots of feeling in them. Plus they're beautiful!

(04.22.10 @ 01:58 AM)
Timothy E Kaldas says:

Fantastic work Laurie. You captured so many beautiful moments full of emotion. You're really excellent at anticipating those perfect times to get the shot.

(04.22.10 @ 10:40 AM)
Zack says:

Great set, and what a fun wedding! I love the old couple kissing. And the guy in the red shirt. I bet you laughed when you saw what you captured in that one.

(04.22.10 @ 10:44 AM)
Jessica Horton says:

You capture emotion and color so well!!!

(04.22.10 @ 01:50 PM)
Amber Hughes says:

hehe... I'd love to know the story with those balloons! Lovely wedding all around :)

(04.22.10 @ 10:20 PM)
Herman Au says:

look at all the smile and laughter... beautifully captured =)

(04.23.10 @ 03:54 AM)
Boston Wedding Photographer says:

WOW! Amazing emotion in these photos. You really really did an outstanding job with this wedding, and they must be stoked!

(04.25.10 @ 09:13 AM)
Toni Clemens says:

love the centerpiece shot with available light! and how fun are those balloons. I'm way jealous :)

(04.25.10 @ 09:31 PM)
Rae Marie says:

Awww beautiful, I love all the tears. Sweet moments, great photos congrats!

(04.26.10 @ 02:48 AM)
Dani K. says:

So much going on in every photo. Great job capturing all that emotion!!!

(04.26.10 @ 05:04 PM)
Joe Sanfilippo says:

WOW- these are awesome! one is better than the next!

(04.28.10 @ 03:03 PM)
Steve and Linda says:

You are the best Laurie! We had so much fun with you and Maggie. Looking at these photos really puts us back into each moment, we love them! Thank you for being so wonderful!

(04.28.10 @ 11:50 PM)
Douglas Pettway says:

what a fantastic wedding with many, many wonderful expressions that you captured beautifully.

(04.29.10 @ 07:08 AM)
Paul Von Rieter says:

I love that you captured alot of emotions in your shots. Great work!

(04.29.10 @ 10:06 PM)
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It's good to be shooting weddings again.

Linda + Steve dancing

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Ryan Gladstone, St. Louis wedding photographer says:

This is a great minute. I'm sure the couple will love it.

(05.05.10 @ 01:42 PM)
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