After photographing their engagement session in NYC, I knew I would love Tess and Al's wedding. Their family and friends are as sweet as them.

Probably the highlight of my day was watching Tess and her father do their "Let's Get Loud" dance midway through the traditional father/daughter dance.

I'm saving up my words for Tess and Al's Korean ceremony, which I will blog about next. In the meantime, enjoy!

DJ/MC - Sounds Abound
florist - Walden flowers/family friend
ceremony: Wesley Unity Methodist Church, Naperville
venue - Hilton Naperville/Lisle
dress - Ceremonia (Seoul, South Korea)
Makeup - Beauty on Call
Hair - Park Jun's Beauty Shop
Wedding Coordinator - Weddings by Denise

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Kelly says:

Great, Laurie! I especially love two photos: the one of Tess touching Al's head during the toasts & the one of Tess & her father rockin' it out. Such a sweet couple, they were.

(07.15.10 @ 08:11 PM)
Jessie Cadenas says:

The expression on the grandmother's face is priceless!

(07.15.10 @ 08:21 PM)
brooke says:

LOVE these! Your work is always beautiful, but these are perfect.

(07.16.10 @ 12:01 AM)
Luis Godinez says:

OMG, amazing wedding as always. I think I love the sequence of them kissing at the reception table. I feel I was there as a guest as I watch 2 friends that are madly in love with each other.

(07.16.10 @ 01:46 AM)
Phill says:

Brilliant montage Laurie. It's great to be able to feel the story of the day through your images.

(07.16.10 @ 03:49 AM)

very very bautiful!!!!

(07.16.10 @ 05:57 AM)
Tenielle (Feather + Stone) says:

I just love the moments between the bride and her family while she's getting's such a privelege to catch that isn't it.... beautiful job! :)

(07.16.10 @ 06:08 AM)
Brad Ross Photography says:

A wonderful story told with some amazing photos. Your style is beautiful.

(07.16.10 @ 07:11 AM)
Nathan Gilmer says:

Great shots! I love the different culture influences.

(07.16.10 @ 10:01 AM)
Ryan Brenizer says:

Beautiful, intimate and fun throughout the day.

(07.16.10 @ 11:26 AM)
Lisa Novakowski says:

Great photojournalism! You did a fantastic job capturing the moments and emotions during the day. I agree with Brad, your style is beautiful.

(07.16.10 @ 12:13 PM)
Becca Dilley says:

Wonderful images. I love your B&Ws, and your lighting is lovely!

(07.16.10 @ 12:15 PM)
Kyle says:

Laurie, these photos and the emotions in them are so organic. You were always amazing, but I feel like you've gotten extra amazing recently :)

(07.16.10 @ 02:31 PM)
Sally says:

It's been said already, but I have to say it again - I love the emotions you've captured and how well your pictures tell the story of this beautiful wedding!! Such great work!

(07.16.10 @ 06:32 PM)
Dani K. says:

Laurie, as always, so beautiful. The dancing shots are my faves!

(07.16.10 @ 06:49 PM)
Jaimie Dee Photography says:

Fantastic presentation! I just stumbled across your site today and LOVE it! Great site design, everything is set up so nicely! Good color scheme and fabulous work! Good job and keep it up! :)

(07.16.10 @ 09:13 PM)
The last Emperor says:

Fantastic 您是最佳的攝影師 .That means you are a great photographer.
All the way from Guangzhou, Fushan City, China.. Your panamenian hubby

(07.16.10 @ 11:00 PM)
matt shumate says:

Yay Laurie! These are so stinking cool! Really feel the joy of the day in your photos.

(07.17.10 @ 01:27 PM)
Jenna Cole says:

Looks like those first dance tips really paid off. Love the detail shots of the bride and groom's apparel.

(07.19.10 @ 02:03 PM)
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I had such a blast photographing lil' James again for his 1st birthday. Not only did I get to roll around on the grass with him, but I also jumped into the water fountain with him as well.  What a cutie! I especially love his little teeth.


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Sabrina says:

Thanks for these Laurie. We absolutely love them. It's diffucult photographing a spunky 1 year old, but you hit the nail on the head.

(07.19.10 @ 12:19 PM)
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As a daughter with a wonderful stepfather, I love seeing blended marriage ceremonies. Jenny and her son, Ethan, were doing just fine before Evan came along, but now life is even better.

Instead of unity candles, Jenny, Evan and Ethan held a sand ceremony to symbolize their  family becoming one. It was very cool to see Ethan participate.  (Of course, it was even cooler to see Ethan dance with his friends later in the evening.)

I had a great time and especially enjoyed the grilled peach salad with goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette.  I loved it so much that I later recreated it with nectarines and added toasted pecans at a 4th of July picnic. Yummo!

Well, enough from me chatting about culinary adventures. Onto this gorgeous wedding, which happened to also have BEAU-TI-FUL light and fantastic friends and family.

Venue: Byron Colby Barn
Cake: Sweet Dreams Organic Bakery
Dress: Dolly Couture
Caterer: Heller Catering
Hair Stylist: Stella D'Ora Salon (Sarah Gianforte)
DJ: Just Press Play Productions

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Ben Godkin says:

Such a cute couple. I can't even begin to understand that blue picture with the tree limbs... stunning. Great detail shots and use of natural lighting!

(07.08.10 @ 06:30 PM)
Laurie Peacock says:

The blue photo with limbs is where I shot up into the silo of the barn.

(07.08.10 @ 06:34 PM)
Jared Tseng says:

Yeah, that blue picture is rockin! Ben pointed out your great use of natural light, but I also spot some great use of off camera flash. Well done!

(07.08.10 @ 07:20 PM)
Sally says:

Wow!!! These are all so gorgeous, and I'm in love with the series in front of the cattails! Beautiful.

(07.08.10 @ 07:52 PM)
Jenny Kuehm Bunting says:

All of these beautiful pictures bring back the euphoria of the day. You captured all of the details and emotional moments. Thank you for all of your hard work. I love every single one of these pictures so much. It was a lot of fun having you and Jake there.

(07.08.10 @ 10:14 PM)
Chris Limas says:

WOW!! All the photos are absolutely stunning! The photography really captures the feeling of the day. What great memories you have to keep forever!

(07.08.10 @ 10:49 PM)
Jamie says:

Love this set! You really have a mastery of great lighting, and it shows in the various settings throughout the day!

(07.08.10 @ 11:31 PM)
JAMES says:

stunning photos and great locations

(07.09.10 @ 04:00 AM)
Albert Palmer says:

You sure know how to take a great portrait - the lighting in these shots is sensational.

(07.09.10 @ 05:14 AM)
Emily Porter says:

This couple is adorrrrrableeee!!! And that blue shot - inside the silo? maybe? - is just a total work of art. I am loving all the detail shots, too. And the shots of them in front of the tall grass. Beautiful light. Love your work!!

(07.09.10 @ 09:26 AM)
Deb Jashinsky says:

Absolutely gorgeous! Every aspect was captured with such attention to detail. Photos begin where are memories leave off. Thank you for creating such beautiful ones for us!

(07.09.10 @ 09:43 AM)
Linda says:

beautiful photos for a beautiful couple!

(07.09.10 @ 01:29 PM)
Amber Hughes says:

Lovely wedding! I adore their little bird details and her super cute dress. Beautiful work on their portraits!

(07.09.10 @ 03:07 PM)
Natalie says:

I absolutely adore these images! You have such a talented eye for composition & light. Wow!!

(07.09.10 @ 03:11 PM)
Emily Donelan says:


(07.09.10 @ 04:53 PM)
Jenna Cole says:

I'm a photographer moving to Chicago in September and I've been asking around to find out the names of other Chicago photographers and your name was suggested to me as someone to watch. Your work is beautiful! I love your use of color. Looking forward to reading more.

(07.11.10 @ 07:56 PM)
Tenielle (Feather + Stone) says:

Ahhhh I LOVE her dress and that couple set in the afternoon light (by the reeds) glorious.....beautiful job!

(07.12.10 @ 07:36 AM)
Nessa K says:

Love love love the field shots!!

(07.12.10 @ 10:17 AM)
Sarah Gianforte (Stella d'Oro Salon) says:

Wow! These pictures are amazing! Jenny, get me some business cards I deal with a lot of brides and your pictures are fantastic! You guys look amazing and what a wonderful day!

(07.16.10 @ 10:57 PM)
Catherine O'Meara says:

Wow, that picture of the silo is amazing. I would love to use a picture or two on our web site. What are the chances? You three were adorable and so fun to work with. Hope Ethan got his fill of that corn souffle.

(08.14.10 @ 07:06 PM)
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