It's kind of crazy busy in my neck of the woods, but I thought you all might enjoy this colorful and fun engagement shoot with Mallory and Ben. 

These two are high school sweethearts from the Dayton, Ohio area and now reside in Chicago...just like me.  :)

Mallory even attended The Ohio State University.  O-H-I-O.  *Sigh* So nice to hang out with people from back home, although I wouldn't trade Chicago for anything. 

Isn't Mallory and Ben's dog the sweetest and prettiest four-legged gal around?  Love her!

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Sheila and Mark's marriage began with a rainbow.

I'm not waxing poetically. Over Ruffled Feathers Golf Club, a lovely rainbow graced our presence during cocktail hour. While the bagpiper had to go inside due to the rain, my second photographer, Maggie, and I dashed outside to capture this rare occurrence.

By the way, if you're curious as to why Sheila is jumping on a blue trampoline, check out the movie, The Time Traveler's Wife. Sheila wanted to be like the movie characters and jump on the bed in their wedding attire, but due to time constraints, running back to the hotel wasn't an option. Instead, Mark surprised Sheila with a blue trampoline and a copy of the movie as his wedding gift to her. Pretty thoughtful gift, eh?

Girls Irish dancing and seeing Sheila and Mark enjoy the festivities were other highlights of the evening.

Sheila and Mark, thank you for sharing your lovely friends and family with me. It was such a memorable day.


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Heather says:

I'm completely jealous of the rainbow and trampoline in the same day.

(07.22.10 @ 08:44 PM)
Kyle says:

There are many, many things that I like about this post. But one thing that stood out to me is that there's a person in your dress shot and it adds so much life than normal, dress hanging on a hanger shot. I love all the life in your pictures Laurie.

(07.23.10 @ 01:27 AM)
Shang says:

So amazing that they have a rainbow! Mark is such a sweetheart for bringing the trampoline!

(07.23.10 @ 02:29 AM)
Sheila says:

Laurie and Maggie: I love the photos!! You did such a great job of capturing some of the most special moments of the day and I LOVE the photos of the rainbow! I also love all of the color!! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

(07.23.10 @ 06:46 AM)
adam @ says:

Great work! I love the pics of the rainbow :)

(07.23.10 @ 12:22 PM)
Tricia says:

Lovely job! I think the last one is my favorite. :)

(07.23.10 @ 02:23 PM)
Crystal says:

Truly amazing work!! I LOVE the last one of the B&G dancing :)

(07.23.10 @ 02:25 PM)
Jamie M Swanson says:

Truly a beautiful wedding. LOVE that you got the rainbow - so excellent!

(07.23.10 @ 03:14 PM)
Paul Rowland says:

Amazingly beautiful work -- your images show a lot of emotion.

(07.23.10 @ 07:08 PM)
Brad Ross Photography says:

A very modern and beautiful set of wedding photos.

(07.24.10 @ 06:11 PM)
Jared Tseng says:

My favorite image is the one where the kid is texting under the table. GREAT CAPTURE there!

(07.25.10 @ 05:38 AM)
Herman Au says:

love that last dancing shot the light streaks are awesome!

(07.25.10 @ 10:52 PM)
Christan Parreira says:

....that.rainbow!! Awesome post!

(07.26.10 @ 12:31 AM)
Mark Kalkwarf says:

Wow, that hardly ever happens - Well captured.

(07.26.10 @ 06:16 AM)
Heather says:

A rainbow! Wow, that's so awesome!! I love all your detail shots, great job!

(07.26.10 @ 07:13 PM)
Maggie Rife says:

Laurie, these are so wonderful! You did such a great job documenting their event. I love the details, the scenics, and of course, the moments! You're such a storyteller!

(07.27.10 @ 04:03 PM)
Nicole Thomas says:

There is just so much greatness going on in all of these photos I don't know where to begin! I loved seeing all of them.

(07.30.10 @ 12:26 AM)
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I had the honor of photographing Tess and Al's Korean wedding ceremony the day after their American-style wedding day at the home of Tess's parents.  Photographing different cultural ceremonies is one of my favorite aspects of my job.

One of the key parts of the ceremony, in addition to the bride and groom honoring the groom's parents, is the throwing of the dates and chesnuts into the bride's wedding skirt. The more dates and chesnuts the bride and groom catch in her wedding skirt, the more years of happiness they will share together. Al's father didn't want to risk any bad luck, so he took the safer route and placed the dates directly into the skirt to much applause from the group.

Another cool tradition is that the groom has to take his new bride, piggyback, around the room after the ceremony.

I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to hang out with Tess and Al's family on this special day. I also loved the noodles (traditional Korean wedding fare), which Tess's grandmother served me.

Thanks Tess and Al for including me on this special occasion!


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Steve says:

Oooh, I love all of the color! Great stuff, Laurie - I love that last shot!

(07.21.10 @ 12:39 PM)
Shella says:

So colourful! Love the last one - they look so happy :)

(07.21.10 @ 01:41 PM)
A Story in Time Photography says:

Your work is always incredible. I loved the colors and the details. The picture of the man taking the picture is my favorite!

(07.21.10 @ 01:43 PM)
Amber Hughes says:

Really loving these! I've yet to photograph a Korean wedding - they look so full of colour and wonderful traditions :)

(07.21.10 @ 01:59 PM)
Kyle says:

Dang Laurie, such killer, vibrant colors!

(07.21.10 @ 02:31 PM)
Eric Yerke says:

Awesome work Laurie. Looks like a great wedding. Lovely couple

(07.21.10 @ 02:57 PM)
gabe aceves says:

laurie your work is always fresh and fun. this is beautiful, and those colors are amazing.

(07.21.10 @ 11:41 PM)
Paul Alexander says:

Great set, love the colours and costumes, superb :-)

(07.22.10 @ 08:06 AM)
Ryan Brenizer says:

I love the colors of the Korean hanbok. Great look into an intimate moment.

(07.22.10 @ 02:11 PM)
Tess says:

Thanks so much for working so hard on our wedding weekend! These pictures are beautiful!

(07.23.10 @ 08:07 AM)
adam @ says:

Beautiful work! I love the colors in these, and their outfits are cute :)

(07.23.10 @ 12:12 PM)
Emily Donelan says:


(07.26.10 @ 04:18 PM)
Just Alex says:

Love these. Excellent, excellent job!

(09.07.10 @ 01:26 PM)
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