Christen's mom booked me over the internet, and I love it when I click with clients I've never met before. (As a side note, this is part of why I blog: people get a better sense of my personality.  If you are the type of person who gets annoyed with smiley, outgoing redheads, then we're probably not going to be a good fit.  :) )

The minute I met Christen, I was totally jonesing for her make-up selections.  Her complexion is similar to mine.  Gotta love freckles, especially Jay's.  I foresee freckled children in their future (should they decide to have some).

The entire day was so easy and fun, especially the wedding party. They wanted a jumping shot, which I never ask for from my wedding couples but if they request it, I'm happy to oblige. I have to admit, I really love how high some of them jumped. Amazing.

My favorite part of the reception was when Christen and Jay gave an impromptu toast and talked about wonderful it was to be surrounded about everyone who loves and supports them. They didn't want the night to end. This is exactly how I felt on my own wedding day.

Christen and Jay, I hope through these photos that the memories of your wedding never fade.



Venue/Caterer - Sofitel Chicago Water Tower
Cake- Take the Cake
Florist - ZuZu's Petals
DJ - Dance Trax - Todd Acari
Dress - GiGi's Closette (store) Mikaella (designer)
Hair - Andrea Conley

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Steve says:

Love the second to last shot, and that little girl is adorable! Great work, Laurie!

(08.11.10 @ 10:53 PM)
Brittany says:

Oh my! These are so amazing in so many different ways I can hardly even describe how much I love them. The couple must just be over the moon with how awesome their pictures are!

(08.12.10 @ 12:32 AM)
Alex Singh says:

There are fantastic images. That church is beautiful.

(08.12.10 @ 01:14 PM)
Darko Sikman says:

What an amazing set. So many beautiful photos. My favorite - the group shot with the city background - wow!

(08.12.10 @ 01:14 PM)
Leo Druker says:

Gorgeous captures. That ring shot is delicious :)

(08.12.10 @ 06:31 PM)
Monika Szczepaniak says:

Beautiful pictures!

(08.13.10 @ 05:00 AM)
Chantal says:

Seriously adore the second to last image. And the group shot is epic!! way to work with so many groomsmen..

(08.13.10 @ 12:10 PM)
Teresa K says:

You're so awesome Larie....what a fantastic set!

(08.13.10 @ 02:51 PM)
Ann Ruddy says:

So full of love, fun and joy...I was so happy to have shared in this, your very special moments....

(08.13.10 @ 10:42 PM)
Heather says:

I love what you did with the reception lighting. Well done!

(08.14.10 @ 06:04 PM)
Kate Miller Photography says:

Lovely work. The ceremony shots are my favorite. This wedding looks like it was a blast, so colorful!!

(08.16.10 @ 04:35 PM)
Christen MacKenzie says:

We are totally over-the-moon with these pictures! Laurie did a wonderful job in capturing the best day of my life. I cannot thank you enough Laurie! We are so excited to see the rest of the pictures.

(08.17.10 @ 06:34 AM)
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I've been saving this engagement session like a little prize that I wanted to hold onto as long as possible. Now I'm sharing it with you.

Laura and Raj drove me to Laura's family farm in Hinckley, Illinois. I haven't laughed that hard or be that inspired in a long time.

Laura's family even gave me a bag of goodies like zucchini bread and fresh vegetables from the garden.

We also had a little meeting of two cultures in our photos when Laura and Raj changed into Indian clothing. I swore I'd never do the much overdone American Gothic shot, but I couldn't resist doing it with a twist: American Gothic, International Version 2.0. :)

Oh, Laura and Raj do a great imitation of America's Next Top Model too.

We capped the night with yummy Dairy Joy, the fine Hinkley fast-food establishment.

Thanks Laura + Raj for a wonderful time! I can't wait for your wedding at the Newberry Library in March!

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Bridget Carroll says:

Beautiful Laurie!

(08.06.10 @ 01:50 PM)
Kelly says:

This is my favorite session you have done to date. Wowzaas.

(08.06.10 @ 04:27 PM)
Jason Burns says:

Wow what a great spot to take engagement pictures, These are beautiful! Fantastic job.

(08.06.10 @ 07:08 PM)
Nicole Thomas says:

These are just too fun! The one of the cow between them is the best!

(08.06.10 @ 08:46 PM)
Gina says:

Laurie, these are gorgeous! I love the variety and they are absolutely adorable!

(08.06.10 @ 09:33 PM)
Jessie says:

Amazing. I love so many that I can't pick a favorite. You are incredible!

(08.06.10 @ 11:51 PM)
Alex says:

Laurie, these are just excellent! The one with the couple in the foreground and the cow in the background, framed by them kissing is *awesome*.

(08.07.10 @ 08:04 AM)
sandy says:

amazing shots, such fun, love the b&w, the indian costumes and the cow shot made me chuckle!

(08.07.10 @ 09:50 AM)
Mary Lynn says:

I'm Laura's aunt, and I watched her grow up on her family's farm. These photos were beautiful and brought tears of joy!

(08.07.10 @ 10:15 AM)
Shang says:

This session looks SO fun! So much color and I love how you pulled off the American Gothic one =)

(08.07.10 @ 10:35 AM)
matt shumate says:

This was so much fun to see! I love it. Great couple & a beautiful location combined so well in these photos.

(08.07.10 @ 12:07 PM)
Stefano Choi says:

Great looking couple and this set had so much range and beautiful candid moments. Loved it!

(08.07.10 @ 12:47 PM)
Vida Carson says:

AH! You killed it, Laurie.

(08.07.10 @ 01:47 PM)
Teresa K says:

You rock. NO REALLY, you are so awesome. These are so inspired and FUN. ALL of them.

(08.07.10 @ 11:03 PM)
Jessica Schilling says:

Wow, these are beautiful! Those hay bales are so cool, and I love the red throughout. Looks like a fun couple!

(08.08.10 @ 02:18 AM)
Amy French says:

Laurie, these are beautiful! My faves are the first two (REALLY love those!) and the American Gothic one. They will be so pleased with these!

(08.08.10 @ 10:39 AM)
samantha @ says:

Great work! Love the first pic!

(08.08.10 @ 11:09 AM)
Natalie says:

They are such a cute couple! Wow! :) Loving all of these images.

(08.08.10 @ 03:01 PM)
Michelle Kabelis says:

What a small world Laurie. . . this is where I lived before I moved to England. Love me some Dairy Joy! Glad you enjoyed yourself in our small little town! :) Love the pictures!!

(08.08.10 @ 04:04 PM)
Matt Stanton says:

Thats an amazing set, my fav is the kiss through the window of the truck, simply stunning!

(08.08.10 @ 04:24 PM)
Joe says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! These are awesome- That truck shot is amazing!! LOVE IT!

(08.08.10 @ 04:28 PM)
Phill says:

What an absolute joy! Loved looking through these Laurie. Fantastic looking couple, fantastic settings and fantastic photography all rolled into one. The onlooking cow through kissing couple shot is out there; one of a kind; and American Gothic had me laughing out loud. What a delight!

(08.08.10 @ 06:01 PM)
Emily Donelan says:


(08.08.10 @ 06:22 PM)
Milena Dekic says:

Stunning photos Laurie. I have a soft spot for friesian cows and that shot with Laura & Raj kissing with the cow in the background in focus is quirky and really well seen. Love them all.

(08.09.10 @ 07:39 AM)
Steve Koo says:

I'll say it again - I think this may be your best e-session ever!

(08.09.10 @ 09:27 AM)
Steph Masterson says:

Amazing pics! Great looking couple + amazing photography + evident chemistry among all of you = perfect session.

(08.09.10 @ 11:26 AM)
Thomas Lester says:

This is such a fun set. What a great idea. All of it! Really well done. The shot of them about to kiss in the truck is SO HOT! Wonderful images.

(08.09.10 @ 04:22 PM)
Heather says:

Oh, they look like so much fun to photograph!! I love the shot of them kissing in the truck, it's perfect!!

(08.14.10 @ 03:42 PM)
Amy Parsons-Laura's favorite cousin:-) says:

These are amazing-almost brought me to tears! Great work!

(08.26.10 @ 07:26 PM)
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If you haven't salsa danced, you really should. Case in point: Grace and John. As avid salsa dancers, they really know how to turn up the heat and are in beautiful shape.

Grace's daughter bought her mom and husband a photo session for their wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, these two didn't receive the wedding photos that they deserved, so I had the pleasure of recording the chemistry between these two as an anniversary portrait.

You really couldn't meet two sweeter people. And as you can see, they still got it.

Thanks Grace and John for the fun time!

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