Erin is a girl after my own heart. She adores reading and wanted a low-key wedding that didn't make her guests feel deprived in any way.  Both Erin and her now husband, Nitsuh, spectacularly succeeded in this endeavor.

I'm still in awe of their decor.  Minus the beautiful flowers from Scarlet Petal, everything, including the books for the guests were DYI.  And the food...*sigh*  IT WAS AMAZING.  North Pond really outdid themselves. 

How do I keep getting amazing couples like Erin and Nitsuh?  They make me so happy, especially the photos of Nitsuh dancing.  He's such a cutie!

Well enough from me.  Get ready to see some photos of a LOVELY and charming wedding.


Big thanks to my second shooter, Maggie Rife


Florist - Esther Galantowicz, Scarlet Petal
Hair/Makeup - Morgan Blaul
Dress - Peter Langner, Ultimate Bride
DOC - Misse Daniel, Honey Bee Weddings
Venue - North Pond Restaurant
All favors and paper goods and stuff  - "DIY, baby!!!!" according to Erin  :)

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Csanad says:

you captured beautiful moments. i love this set

(08.22.10 @ 12:53 PM)
William Massey says:

Awesome! Beautiful wedding and great coverage!

(08.22.10 @ 03:24 PM)
Albert Palmer says:

Wow - I normally like to comment on one or two of my favourites but the whole set blew me away. Fresh, creative and tasteful. You have a new subscriber!

(08.22.10 @ 03:33 PM)
Emily Porter says:

I looooove these, Laurie. Really amazing. My favorite ones are the bride and groom portraits, but everything about this set is just lovely. It looks like they put a lot of thought into the details for the day, so I'm sure they love your detail shots. Love them all.

(08.22.10 @ 07:30 PM)
brooke says:

Love these! The toasts are especially awesome. The whole set is fantastic, though!

(08.23.10 @ 01:06 AM)
Alexander Gardner says:

Awesomely classic lookin' couple. Dig it and what lovely details.


(08.23.10 @ 01:56 AM)
Marianne Taylor says:

Beautiful! Loving all the emotion your captured, and your detail shots are just delicious!

(08.23.10 @ 04:07 AM)
Jared Tseng says:

That bride is BEAUTIFUL! Love all of the elegant details you captured. And is that ring shot at the beginning set in a cut-out book? AWESOME!

(08.23.10 @ 07:09 AM)
Shella says:

Pure gorgeous-ness! Love her dress. Gorgeous couple. Fun looking wedding. Great job capturing it!

(08.23.10 @ 07:09 AM)
Tina Bass says:

I had to look at this post a few times, because an overwhelming feeling of happiness came over me and I am definitely not exaggerating or making that up. I have a big goofy grin on my face and I don't even know these people! They are so adorable and look so happy to be married! My favorite shot is the one where he is spinning her and the little ribbons on her dress are flying up. The expression on his face is so cute! You did such a an amazing job capturing this wonderful wedding!

Okay, done with my epic comment!

(08.23.10 @ 08:03 AM)
seth says:

What a fun couple! You did a great job at capturing the essence of their love. I love all the little moments you photographed. These are great images, and I'm sure they will cherish them.

(08.23.10 @ 10:39 AM)
Thomas Lester says:

Awesome! So, gorgeous. They look so happy together. Oh... best table shot EVAH!

(08.23.10 @ 12:24 PM)
Nicole Thomas says:

Absolutely love them! This is one of my favorite spots in the city too, it's so gorgeous over there! Great job to you and Maggie

(08.23.10 @ 03:16 PM)
Kelly Ry says:

I SO LOVE weddings with thoughtful details that express a couple's interest and allow them to really experience the day. You captured it beautifully!

(08.23.10 @ 05:08 PM)
nadine says:

The reception pictures are especially great! esp the view from outside the building.

(08.23.10 @ 10:30 PM)
erin says:

Laurie, how can I thank you enough for these incredible pictures? Nitsuh & I had such an amazing time that night, and you really captured it perfectly. I can't wait to see the rest!

(08.24.10 @ 01:11 PM)
Heather says:

What an adorable couple!! I love how you help us to feel so connected to your clients. Wonderful work!

(08.25.10 @ 02:16 PM)
Kevin Ford says:

Seems like a small wedding but it seems as though it was very intimate, great job photographing in the park and throughout their special day. Very nice job capturing the detail of the wedding.

(08.31.10 @ 02:33 PM)
Joey Chandler says:

Wow - great session. Beautiful spot for a wedding and just love the roller blade shot. Great work.

(09.01.10 @ 09:24 AM)
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The weather wasn't the only factor creating heat in Shani and Jovan's engagement session. They added their own special chemistry.

Shani and Jovan, best wishes on a wonderful marriage together!

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Kelly Ry says:

Those last two photos are smokin'!

(08.16.10 @ 09:04 PM)
Shani says:

I love that shot on the gold couch! Beautiful.

(08.17.10 @ 11:10 AM)
Anonymous says:

Wow.......She looks amazing & he's a lucky man!!!!!!

(08.17.10 @ 02:52 PM)
Tracey Sawyer says:

The photos are beautiful!!!!!!! This day was a day of love for Jovan and Shani!!! Great work!!!!! CONGRATS...........

(08.17.10 @ 05:32 PM)
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I'm really digging a recent shoot Maggie Rife and I photographed for Revealed Boudoir.  Check it out! (Might not be completely safe for work.)

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