When I photographed Rachel and Billy's engagement session last November, I was excited for their wedding, because they have such a natural chemistry between them. 

Not only was their chemistry free-flowing during the wedding, but the ceremony light was heavenly. 

And the kids...oh the kids were so extraordinary. They really hammed it up for me.

One of my favorite details of the day in addition to the kids' smiles was Rachel's hair. She was a stunnahhhh! I want hair like that! The spiderman ring shot and the hot dog toppers reflect Billy's obsessions.

Rachel and Billy, congrats on your beautiful wedding, and may your future life together be as lovely!


Florist: Anna Held
Hair and Makeup: Taylor Reese Salon in Highland Park (Eliza for makeup and Vicky for hair) 
Band: Six of On
Custom Jewelry: Faith Pheterson  

Thanks to Kelly Ry, my second shooter, for some of the fun shots above!
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Lew says:

Very strong set! I LOVE the Spiderman ring shot! Very creative!

(09.01.10 @ 01:45 PM)
Nick Key says:

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, i really love outdoor weddings. great set!

(09.01.10 @ 04:52 PM)
Magan Blasig says:

Awesome job! Looks like such a *wonderful* wedding! This bride is stunning! :)

(09.01.10 @ 05:55 PM)
William Massey says:

Awesome images! That's a really beautiful venue and the golden sunlight is just perfect.

(09.01.10 @ 06:19 PM)
Kelly Ry says:

What a great couple they were! Thank you again for having me along to capture the day.

(09.01.10 @ 08:12 PM)
Rachel says:

Thank you so much Laurie! And Kelly too! We couldn't be happier and can't wait to see the rest!

(09.01.10 @ 09:55 PM)
Emily Porter says:

That closeup BW ceremony shot is perfection.

(09.02.10 @ 01:23 AM)
Thomas Lester says:

Great story telling. These are nice images. Love the shot of all the guests in sunglasses.

(09.02.10 @ 07:35 AM)
Joey Chandler says:

Nice job. Love the dance and kid shots. Not everyday you see a spiderman ring shot.

(09.02.10 @ 12:43 PM)
Heather says:

I love the reactions of the bride and groom during the ceremony. Awesome job as usual, Laurie!

(09.04.10 @ 05:56 PM)
Rosalie Musiala says:

Beautiful, beautiful--lovely bride and handsome groom in a fantastic setting. Beatuful shots very poetic!

(09.04.10 @ 09:32 PM)
Teresa K says:

FANTASTIC work Laurie. They look so sweet, fun and in LOVE.

(09.05.10 @ 09:28 AM)
Justine Bledsoe says:

Awesome Photos! I am in the process right now of creating my own website for photography, and I am so inspired by your work! So good!

(09.09.10 @ 01:42 PM)
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What's the quintessential Laurie Peacock Photography wedding?

Tiffany and Josh's wedding fits the bill:

Lots of laughter. Check.

Uncontrollable crying that makes the photographer tear up. Check.

A couple who doesn't just say the words. They feel the words with every fiber of their being. Check.

Crazy dancing that's off the hook. Check.

The kindest friends and family. Check.

Did I already say lots of laughter? :)

One of my favorite moments of the wedding was when Tiffany read a note from her father, which she received during a particularly difficult time in her dating life. She kept it and read it to Josh during her vows. See if you can read the words in the photo below. 

Tiffany and Josh make me so happy. Their expressions are amazing. They are amazing.

Congrats you two!!!


Cake: The Cakery

Florist: Town and Country Gardens

Dress: Weddings 826

Caterer/Venue: Riverside Receptions

Make-up Artist: Laura Black

Hair Stylist: Stacey DeVivo

DJ: Toast and Jam

Thanks to Maggie Rife for being an awesome second photographer.
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josh rubin says:

Wow! You do such an amazing job of seeing and capturing moments of pureness and beauty... plus everything in-between. I can't stop myself from simply sitting and staring at these shots. Thank you for bringing it all back and for your kindness.

(08.27.10 @ 04:44 PM)
Daniel says:

Love this set. I especially like the bride's portraits. Great photos!

(08.27.10 @ 05:59 PM)
seth says:

These are great top to bottom! I love the window light portraits of the bride, picture of the groom giving the thumbs up is a classic and the hora pics are too funny.

(08.27.10 @ 09:59 PM)
Opanin says:

Love love love the reflection in the first image. Well done, the whole set just looks great.

(08.27.10 @ 11:07 PM)
The Bridge says:

Seriously, I've never seen a bad photo from you. These are amazing. The one of Tiffany outside with Josh scrambled in the background should be submitted to a magazine!

(08.28.10 @ 11:22 AM)
Crystal says:

Incredible work!!

(08.28.10 @ 11:36 AM)
soobum Im says:

Those are nice bride & groom portraits. beautiful images.

(08.28.10 @ 03:54 PM)
Brittany says:

Gah! I love absolutely everything about these. The entire day looked absolutely divine and what style! Absolutely adore your work Laurie

(08.28.10 @ 08:08 PM)
Rowan says:

Fantastic work Laurie. I love the emotion of these images. Well done.

(08.29.10 @ 04:32 AM)
Tab Mccausland says:

Love them! Well done :)

(08.29.10 @ 10:10 PM)
matt shumate says:

This is so full of perfection Laurie! Wow. Just, wow. I love every single photo. The day looks like it was incredible.

(08.30.10 @ 12:48 AM)
Becca Dilley says:

The bride and groom have so many wonderful expressions! You captured a lot of emotion and fun with these images!

(08.30.10 @ 09:08 AM)
Paul Von Rieter says:

Awesome Images as usual. I love the grain in you B&Ws

(08.30.10 @ 02:20 PM)
Kevin Ford says:

I love it when the bride and groom send each other notes before the wedding, I think that it can offer great photo moments and it also speaks to the deepness of their relationship. Those types of things will always be treasured between them, even if that were their last note to each other.

Your photographs are beautiful and really show the joy of the occasion, thanks for sharing a preview of your work.

(08.31.10 @ 02:30 PM)
Kelly Ry says:


(09.01.10 @ 08:21 PM)
Deepa says:

Lovely images and the brides expression are priceless :)

(09.03.10 @ 12:16 AM)
Heather says:

Such WONDERFUL emotion. I love the tow shots of his reaction to her walking down the aisle. And the one of them holding out their hands for rain cracked me up!! Well done!

(09.04.10 @ 04:27 PM)
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Stephanie and Dan are soon-to-be-married in September, and I can't wait for their wedding.  They are sweet and obviously very much in love.  When Dan leaned down to kiss Stephanie's shoulder near the end of the session, I knew the photo would be awesome.

I always try to capture the natural caresses of couples, because it's the little things that make each couple unique and memorable.

Looking forward to your wedding, Stephanie and Dan!

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Kelly Ry says:

Love that shoulder-kissing shot!

(09.01.10 @ 08:18 PM)
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