Lisa and Sam's wedding reception was held at the same location, Hotel 71, where the movie, "The Dark Knight" was filmed (Harvey Dent's party pad). It's a lovely venue with gorgeous Chicago views.

The entire day was lovely, especially with the addition of Lisa and Sam's two-year-old daughter. While at times, she stole the show with her cuteness, I enjoyed watching Lisa and Sam's superb parenting skills.

Later during the reception, Lisa and Sam took a stroll outside as my second photographer, Maggie Rife, held lighting and I captured Lisa and Sam's romantic embraces. It was such a beautiful scene to behold.

Thank you Lisa and Sam for allowing us to be part of your special day.

Cake: Bittersweet
Florist: Asrai Garden
Venue and Caterer: Hotel 71
Dress: Vera Wang
Make-up: MAC (the MAC counter at Nordstrom's)
Hair Stylist: Beauty on Call
DJ: Toast and Jam

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Maggie Rife says:

I ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd the entire post. SOO wonderful. There personal session shots could keep going and going and I would still want more. (I love the pic of their daughter running to them on the steps of the church).

(06.30.10 @ 09:33 AM)
Charlene @ Sweetchic says:

Beautiful!! I LOVE her dress and the cake! And I had no idea that Harvey Dent's place = Hotel 71, cool fact! :)

(06.30.10 @ 09:43 AM)
Joe Sanfilippo says:

Love the details!!!!!!!!!! One shot is better than the next!

(06.30.10 @ 09:53 AM)
az says:

Holy smoke Batman!!
These wedding images of Gotham are fantastic!!

(06.30.10 @ 10:23 AM)
Crystal says:

AHHH!! Awesome :) The reception shots are my favourite! On a side note - I freaking LOVE her dress!

(06.30.10 @ 01:59 PM)
Caroline Alexander says:

Wow, I love these, I always love looking at your work. The one I kept going back to look at is the silhouetted one on the bridge, something about that one really grabs me. Also, that little girl is possibly the cutest ever!

(06.30.10 @ 03:14 PM)
Magan Blasig says:

Definitely love your work. Seriously, the night shots are awesome. :) Beautiful, beautiful job!

(06.30.10 @ 03:34 PM)
Jason says:

Stunning Laurie, beautiful, creative, and so much emotion. How much fun were Lisa & Sam having? :) Awesome.

(06.30.10 @ 03:35 PM)
Razvan says:

Gorgeous wedding, Laurie. You've done such a great job capturing their beautiful day.

(06.30.10 @ 03:42 PM)
kristi wright says:

What a beautiful city to be a photographer! Lucky! You did such a beautiful job. My favorite is the shot of the bride touching up her lipstick with the little girl looking on. Such a sweet moment.

(06.30.10 @ 03:48 PM)
Chris Hoang says:

CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa & Sam !!!...thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures...such a lovely wedding that you guys planned.
Have a long and happy future together.

(06.30.10 @ 06:51 PM)
Natalie says:

Those night shots around the city are truly spectacular! Wow!

(06.30.10 @ 09:33 PM)
Vee says:

Wow.. Such a beautiful site. I wish I could have been there!

(06.30.10 @ 10:04 PM)
Vee says:

Great pictures. The location look fabalous. I wish I could have been there!

(06.30.10 @ 10:11 PM)
Shyann says:

Great wedding!! Love the lighting! Awesome work Laurie!

(07.01.10 @ 12:10 AM)
Saskia Mizushima says:

You have such lovely composition and creative ideas. I love the one with the reflection and the girl in the air.

(07.01.10 @ 12:30 AM)
Jake says:

Congrats Sam & Lisa. Great shots. Made me remember what I liked about living in Illinois.
Loved the shot of the little one helping mom with the lipstick...

(07.06.10 @ 11:12 AM)
Becca Dilley says:

those night photos are gorgeous - totally full of character and beautifully exposed, a rare feat!

(07.07.10 @ 10:48 PM)
Nathan says:

Thanks Sam and Lisa for sharing these beautiful glimpses of your memorable moments. The composition is incredible. No doubt the background in each picture is perfectly framed to accentuate the mood, but it is the happiness in your eyes, the sweetness in your smiles, and the warmth in your embraces that really stood out. We FEEL your love for each other...

(07.29.10 @ 11:19 PM)
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Lisa and Andrew's wedding was a blast to attend. They couldn't have picked a better day to view the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan. The best part to photograph was how excited these two were to be married.

Some other impressions from the day:

  • Lisa's younger sister wore their mother's vintage black dress.  She looked amazing, especially sitting in the warm sunlight on the boat.  You knew their mom was there in spirit watching the festivities.

  • Lisa's expressions were so much fun to photograph, especially when she coughed after taking a quick puff from a cigar.

  • The ship captain's dog mugged for the camera pretty well too.

  • I've heard of other wedding photographers crying at weddings, but I usually keep it together. But Lisa dancing with her brother and losing her cool made me melt. It was such an emotional moment to witness.  Martina McBride was playing in the background, so I have her to blame. :)

Lisa and Andrew, thank you soooo much for granting me the honor to witness such a fun and lovely day.

Church: Covenant Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Reception: Anita Dee II
Florist: Kehoe Designs
Caterer: J & L Catering 
Hair and Makeup: Lati

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Katie [kage imagery] says:

These are beyond fabulous! You can just tell how much fun this wedding was through your photos. Wonderful work!

(06.23.10 @ 11:40 PM)
amy says:

What a fabulous wedding. You did such a good job of capturing moving and beautiful moments from this day. And really there's not many better views than the Chicago skyline at night.

(06.24.10 @ 08:56 AM)
karen shimek says:

Hey Laurie! Another Boat wedding..yes!! Must have been nice to shoot one when there was actual light! Ha, these pics looked great. xoxo

(06.25.10 @ 11:14 PM)
Rose Rohloff says:

You were fabulous and captured some incredible shots. Your personality also made everyone comfortable. I am glad you put up the one of me piloting but where are my shots of you???

(06.28.10 @ 11:08 PM)
Maggie Rife says:

Laurie, you have SUCH a way of capturing moments, emotions, AND beautiful images. Every time I look at your work I find myself so moved by the images, like your subjects are suddenly close friends because how you've captured their experiences is intimate, candid, and from a genuine place. Just wonderful.

(06.29.10 @ 03:24 PM)
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Tesla and Eric journeyed from Minneapolis to Chicago via train for a destination wedding and hired me for their wedding portrait session. Doesn't this sound so romantic?

We couldn't have asked for better light and these two were soooo happy and into each other. You'll quickly see why Eric is in love with Tesla. She radiates warmth and was careful even to the little bug that landed on her during the shoot.

I can't seem to find the words to tell how special this portrait session felt. What Eric and Tesla have is so beautiful to witness firsthand. I especially love the last photo where they are both dreamily smiling to themselves.  Congrats!!

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Dianna says:

Wow Absolutely Gorgeous !!

(06.22.10 @ 07:24 PM)

magnificent photos

(06.23.10 @ 04:36 PM)
Erin Lassahn says:

Beautiful portraits Laurie! The whole set looks so sweet and relaxed, like you just tool a nice stroll around the city with the bride and groom :)

(06.23.10 @ 05:43 PM)
Thomas Lester says:

These are great. They look so content and happy together. Love seeing Chicago skyline.

(06.23.10 @ 05:59 PM)
brooke says:

your eye is truly your own, Laurie. I LOVE that about your work - these are no exception. Gorgeous! (And best wedding hair EVER!) :)

(06.23.10 @ 07:44 PM)
Anya Coleman says:

Nice shots!Love it!

(06.23.10 @ 10:41 PM)
Danielle Daigle says:

You rocked these!! Love the city vibe... the street photos are so awesome!

(06.24.10 @ 02:55 AM)
Alan Hutchison says:

Laurie, that last shot is killer!

(06.24.10 @ 06:59 AM)
Lara Eichhorn says:

They look so happy. Great session. I especially like the first shot.

(06.24.10 @ 12:05 PM)
Kim Mendoza says:

Wow! Love the way you incorporate the beautiful architecture in the images.

(06.24.10 @ 12:31 PM)
Rhys says:

Laurie, you really know how to use a location. You walk that really fine line between featuring the subject and showing off the setting. Killer job again!

(06.24.10 @ 12:59 PM)
Alicia Kennison says:

Nice shoot. I'm loving the cityscape as a backdrop. Very cool.

(06.24.10 @ 11:23 PM)
Nessa K says:

That 2nd to last shot is so perfect. I love the last one, too. And what a happy looking couple. =)

(06.26.10 @ 08:32 PM)
Anita A says:

Great Chicago scenes. Excellent pics.

(01.16.11 @ 05:09 AM)
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